Isaac Clarence Kulp Audiovisual Collection

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Mennonite Heritage Center
Kulp, Isaac Clarence, 1938-2007
Isaac Clarence Kulp audiovisual collection
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1.5 Linear feet (3 boxes)
Isaac Clarence Kulp (1938-2007) was an historian, antiquarian, and folk artist of Vernfield, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. In the 1960s he was one of the pioneers of Pennsylvania German folk culture research in the Goschenhoppen region of Montgomery County and surrounding areas. His collection of folklore notes, tape recordings, books, paintings, photographs and other manuscripts has been preserved at the Mennonite Heritage Center. The I. C. Kulp Audiovisual Collection contains 48 reel-to-reel and cassette tapes on which Mr. Kulp documented some of his research, interviews and historical work over the years. On these tapes can be heard traditional music of the Pennsylvania German community, as well as folklife interviews conducted by I. C. Kulp and fellow historians. In addition to audio tapes, there is a set of DVD’s that contain 28 hours of explanation and discussion by I. C. Kulp, John Ruth and Alan Keyser on items in Mr. Kulp’s collections.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Mennonite Heritage Center 2008

565 Yoder Road
Harleysville, PA

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Brethren (Church of the Brethren).


  • Audiovisual materials
  • Research notes

Personal Name(s)

  • Baver, Florence, 1911-1999
  • Birmelin, John, 1873-1950
  • Frey, J. William (John William), 1916-1989
  • Gottshall, Rein F., 1880-1976
  • Kulp, Isaac Clarence, 1938-2007


  • Folk songs, Pennsylvania German
  • Folklore
  • Hymns, German
  • Interviews
  • Pennsylvania German dialect
  • Singing
  • Storytelling

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Collection Inventory

Series A. Audio material 

Sub-Series A1. Reel-to-reel tapes 

Box Reel

Second Annual Delp's Meetinghouse Memorial Service, 1958; singing of Pennsylvania German "spirituals" by Ira R. Bright (1887-1975) and daughter Grace S. Bright (1921- ), no date; interview and singing by Sallie Moyer Landis (1867-1962) in Pennsylvania German, no date. 

49 1

Second Annual Delp's Meetinghouse Memorial Service, 1958 (continued)--dedication of Henry Funk and Jacob Landis memorial stones. 

49 2

Third Annual Delp's Meetinghouse Memorial Service, 1959; singing of German hymns by James B. Derstine (1876-1961), Jacob C. Clemens (1874-1965), Hanna Rittenhouse Clemens (1880-1977), Rein F. Gottshall (1880-1976), Sallie Landis and others, recorded in several sessions probably circa 1960-1961. 

49 3

Fourth Annual Delp's Meetinghouse Memorial Service, 1960 (recording is poor). 

49 4

Singing of Evangelical hymns by Rein Gottshall; interview with Sallie Landis in Pennsylvania German; historical talks by Alan G. Keyser, Roy C. Kulp, Abe Hunsicker, Jacob C. Clemens, Wesley Reiff and Warren K. Schlotterer, 1961. 

49 5

Interviews and singing by Jacob and Hanna Clemens, Rein Gottshall, Ira Bright and niece Miriam Bright Horne (1897-1978), recorded 1962-1963; singing of English folk hymns by Yvonne Milspaw, 1977. 

49 6

Interviews with Bessie Gottshall Kulp (1901-1986), Maggie Oberholtzer (Denver, PA), and Rein Gottshall, 1962-1964; "Concept" radio program of J. William Frey speaking about Pennsylvania Dutch music, no date; Florence Baver radio program, no date; (Sixth?) Annual Delp's Meetinghouse Memorial Service, probably 1962. 

49 7

Seventh Annual Delp's Meetinghouse Memorial Service, 1963--I. C. Kulp, moderator. 

49 8

Eighth Annual Delp's Meetinghouse Memorial Service, 1964. 

49 9

Organ music by Warren K. Schlotterer (1881-1968); congregational singing (possibly at Plains Mennonite Church, Hatfield, PA); German hymns led by Peter Wiebe; singing of Pennsylvania German "spirituals" by Harvey G. Cressman (1880-1961), Mary Lizzie Derstine Cressman (1884-1967), I. Wilbur Lapp (1909-1995), and Isaac Clarence Kulp. 

49 10

John E. Lapp (1905-1988), I. Wilbur Lapp, and Harvey Cressman (tape recorded by Ephraim Delp), no date. 

49 11

Interview and singing of German hymns by Rein Gottshall, May 1967. 

49 12-13

Singing of Brethren hymns by Rein Gottshall, no date ("Geduld" by Peter Becker, and Christopher Sower Jr's acrostic hymn). 

49 14

Florence Baver dialect radio program--the "Pennsylvania Dutch Show" on WKEP, no date. 

49 15

I. C. Kulp reading from his collection of folk cultural notes collected 1950-1968. 

49 16

I. C. Kulp reading from John Theobald Faber’s powwow book (recording is poor). 

49 17

Eight-part lecture series given by I. C. Kulp at Longenecker’s Brethren Meetinghouse (Lititz, PA) on the theme “Our Brethren Heritage”, 1975. 

49 18-21

Sub-Series A2. Cassettes 

Box Cassette

Goschenhoppen Sing-Gemeinde singing from A. G. Clemmer's German-language appendix to the 1927 Mennonite Church Hymnal, no date. 

49 1-2

Singing at Klein's Meetinghouse, Harleysville, PA, 5 October 1980. 

49 3

"'Nun Danket Alle Gott': Hymnody of the Pennsylvania Germans", talk given by Isaac Clarence Kulp at Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA, 27 April 1981. 

49 4

Pennsylvania German singing at Delp's Meetinghouse, Harleysville, 30 August 1981--I. C. Kulp, leader. 

49 5

Interview with Ernest R. Clemens (1900-1997), recorded 1979; singing with plain people at Indian Creek Haven Farm, Harleysville, 31 August 1981. 

49 6

Interview with Ruth Kraybill Souder (1889-1993) by I. C. Kulp, 1981-1982. 

49 7

Goschenhoppen Sing-Schieler at I. C. Kulp's home, Vernfield, PA, 25 January 1982. 

49 8

Funeral of Bessie Gottshall Kulp, Indian Creek Church of the Brethren, Vernfield, 1986. 

49 9

I. C. Kulp and John L. Ruth touring the Harley Burial Ground at Klein's Meetinghouse, 25 August 2000. 

49 10-11

Pennsylvania German (Dutch) Poems and Stories by Ernie Bechtel, no date. 

49 12

Gedichde un Gschichde: Pennsylvania-German Poems and Stories with audience response by Ernest G. Gehman, Harrisonburg, VA, 1979. 

49 13

I. C. Kulp speaking at a money management conference at Line Lexington (PA) Mennonite Church 1974 

49 15

Sub-Series A3. Compact discs 

Arrangement note

Copies of cassettes 49-7, 49-10 and 49-11.

Sub-Series A4. Phonograph records 

Box Record

45 RPM record of John Birmelin poems: “Der Rumhocker Poem” and “ABC Poem”, produced by the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, no date. 

49 1

Three-record album (78 RPM)-- Folksongs of the Pennsylvania Dutch / sung and interpreted by J. William Frey (3-record album), produced by the Pennsylvania Dutch Folklore Center, Franklin and Marshall College, no date. 

49 2-4

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Series B. Visual/AV material 

Sub-Series B1. VHS cassettes 

Arrangement note

One tape; private.

Sub-Series B2. Digital photo CDs 

Box Disc

Slides from the I. C. Kulp Photo Collection scanned to CD, 2007. 

50 1

Sub-Series B3. Digital video discs 

Box Disc

Isaac Clarence Kulp memorial DVD, compiled by Bud Gross for Kulp’s burial and memorial services, August 2007. 

50 2

I. C. Kulp, John L. Ruth and Alan G. Keyser examining and reflecting on items from Kulp's collections, recorded by Eugene Wampler, Indian Creek Church of the Brethren, 2001. A transcript is available. 

50 3-31

Sub-Series B4. Digital camcorder cassettes 

Arrangement note

Original camcorder tapes for content on discs 50-3 through 50-31.


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